Dear Brad

from by Diane Rehm

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you think you got lucky and that i forgave you.
well don’t get so comfy because you’re gonna meet your grave soon.
It’s the best fucking night of my life. watching you bleed out your red on my knife. i started with your tongue because that apology was bullshit If you feel bad that it happened.
why did you do it?
so thanks again for the trip to the fraternity
i’ll remember it now for fucking eternity.
you made me resent a whole fucking city.
to me kalamazoo ain’t ever gonna look pretty.
i guess thats what that town gets from it’s
university. luckily it’s been 8 years and i’ve found some fucking diversity.
i can hear the blood gurggle in the back of your throat. sorry but you deserved to be butchered like a goat. youre not gonna get a chance to say goodbye because when i wanted to say no again you didnt even let me try. you held me down with your cock in my mouth so i couldnt scream. as your fist went south. i was only 16 so you bought the beer. i didnt know you did it so later you could claim the line was unclear. god you were so popular
and funny i wonder how many
people will miss you hunny.
but they dont see how pathetic you are
because you could only impress teenage girls with your job & your car. i guess i can thank you for teaching me to not be so shallow,
but that lesson was not fucking
worth becoming hollow.
that was nothing compared with
what was to follow. the friends i had told me i had wanted it and say i could have just fucking stopped it. i dont hang out with them
anymore beccause they wouldn’t stop saying
shit like “slut & whore”
i know this attack is coming 8 years too late, but I’ve had a lot of emotional bullshit on my plate. you probably hurt a lot of people since then, but it’s not the victim’s responsibility to stop fucked up men. i’ll always remember the
moment in the projection booth when you said sorry that’s when i learned some things weren’t even worth an apology.


from Demo, released April 7, 2013



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Diane Rehm Michigan

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